Member List

Only current members of SAFE™ are eligible for certification. Once a person’s membership in SAFE™ terminates, the person’s certification terminates and is not transferable to any other organization.

A document examiner named Nanette Barto states on her CV that she is a current member of SAFE. She is not a member.

Below is our current list of SAFE members. The list is sorted by the state in which the member resides.

Members who have earned the Certified Forensic Document Examiner, CFDE®, certification are identified with a CFDE® designation.
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First NameLast NameSuffixStateCountry
Eue Kam Tay Jenjarom, Selangor Malaysia
Debra Dunlap CFDE Kansas USA
Jawad Hassan Zadeh Kent England
Marisa T. Dery MA USA
Bruce Redding CFDE Maryland USA
Elizabeth Almeida Massachusetts USA
Ruth Holmes CFDE Michigan USA
Patricia Siegel CFDE New York USA
Robert Baier CFDE New York USA
Raymond K. Berweger D.M.D. New York USA
Marc Robinson NJ United States
Theresa Dean North Carolina USA