Certified Document Examiners

Certified Forensic Document Examiners

A Certified Forensic Document Examiner (CFDE® ) is one who has undertaken testing to demonstrate his or her ability to understand the principles of document examination and his or her ability to apply those principles to questioned document cases. An applicant for certification must meet requirements of education, training, attendance at conferences, and other prerequisites in order to be approved for taking the certification examination.

A certified document examiner must attain credits through continuing education, speaking at conferences, authoring books and articles on the topic of forensic document examination, serving as an officer in SAFE™, and other means each year in order to retain certification. The identifier CFDE®  is posted after the name of each member who has earned the honor of certification.

Only current members of SAFE™ are eligible for certification. Once a person’s membership in SAFE™ terminates, the person’s certification terminates and is not transferable to any other organization.