Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education Classes are taught by SAFE™ members and guests.

To maintain membership in SAFE, all members  are required to attend continuing educational classes and conferences in order to accrue points toward annual minimum SAFE requirements.  By Laws Article 5, Section 5.01( a).

These free classes are part of the continuing education offered to SAFE™ members. Attendance at these classes counts toward CFDE®  certified members maintaining certification and non-CFDE®  members earning points toward annual membership renewal.

SAFE™ members and guests deliver these interactive classes using ZOOM.US.  Each class addresses a subject related to document examination and is independent of the other classes, enabling you to join in at any time. Some instructors permit the class to be recorded and uploaded for later viewing. This approach allows members around the world to participate in the classes at their own schedule.

The program is not a basic training class and will not train you to be a document examiner. It is offered as an opportunity to learn more about the field of document examination, and to continue your education with new and up-to-date information and advancements.

As a member of SAFE, you are welcome to offer to deliver an educational seminar. Presenting to the membership helps add points to your annual renewal requirement. Another important aspect of delivering a presentation is you need to be well studied in the topic in order to answer questions from members.  CFDE®  certified members earn points by presenting topics to the membership at a monthly seminar.

SAFE’s continuing education classes are normally held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm eastern time.

2019 Schedule
January 30, 2019–Sheila Lowe: Report Writing
February 27, 2019–Beverley East & Reed Hayes: Challenge of Fundamental Differences in Writing
March 27, 2019–Patricia Siegel: Physiological Influences on Handwriting
April 24, 2019–James Kelley, PhD: “Important issues in the use and presentation of digital microscope photos of signatures and stamps”
May 29, 2019–Bob Baier: Case Study
June 26, 2019–Doug Carner: The DNA of Digital Recordings
July 31, 2019–James Kelley, PhD: “Full Utilization of Photo-Scanners in Forensic Document Examination”
August 28, 2019–Reed Hayes: Disguised Signatures
September 6, 2019 SAFE International Conference – Day 1
October 4, 2019 SAFE International Conference – Day 2
November 20, 2019–Beth Chrisman: Cognitive Bias and Document Examination: What Is Cognitive Bias and What Can Be Done to Mitigate The Effects

2020 Schedule
January 29, 2020–David Madden: “Cut and Paste” Cases