SAFE Lending Library

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Title Author
A Question of Honesty Iris Holmes Hatfield
American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts (3rd Series) Lynn Wilson Marks
Detecting and Deciphering Erased Pencil Writing Ordway Hilton
Drugs and Handwriting Patricia Wellington-Jones
Forensic Document Examination in Medical Malpractice Cases Lynn Wilson Marks – Ray Taylor
Forgery: Detection and Defense Marcel B. Matley
Fundamentals of Document Examination Edna W. Roberts
Great Forgers and Famous Fakes Charles Hamilton
Handwriting Identification: Facts & Fundamentals Roy A. Huber & A.M. Headrick
How To Be A Credible Witness Katherine M. Koppenhaver
Taking the Fear Out of Testifying Katherine M. Koppenhaver
How To Qualify As An Expert Witness Katherine M. Koppenhaver
In The Exercise of Ignorance Marcel B. Matley
QDE Index Periodical Articles in English on; Document Examination, Handwriting Expertise and Expert Testimony Marcel B. Matley
Red Flags on Forged Checks Joe Lucas
Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents Ordway Hilton
Selection of International Penmanship Systems William & Katherine Koppenhaver
Suspect Documents Wilson R. Harrison
The Beyerstein Book Marcel B. Matley
US Secret Service Training Division Washington DC