SAFE is dedicated to continuing education for document examiners, and is open to anyone interested in the field of document examination whose intention is to work to full qualification, then continually advance.

Virtual Classroom

SAFE offers on-line virtual classes presented using our license with Topics will vary from basic to advanced in order to include members at all levels of forensic document examination. Classes will be taught by members who specialize in the topic. Using Zoom participants are able to interact with each other and the instructor.

Training by Reed Hayes

Reed Hayes’s Training Course in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination presents the fundamentals of forensic handwriting and document work and prepares participants for SAFE’s certification exam.

The course consists of 26 lessons which guide students from the basics of handwriting comparison and evaluation all the way through appearing in court to render testimony. Each lesson is followed by an exam, most of which require practical application of the principles involved. Actual case material is utilized and, in many instances, original documentation is provided. Students are also required to render opinions and demonstrate their reasoning on ten real cases. Additionally, a digital USB microscope is included with the course.

The extensive final exam consists of a written test as well as a practical section comprised of an actual questioned document case

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Graduate School Education

The graduate school of criminal justice at East Tennessee State University offers a certificate program in forensic document examination. This program requires application to the university and acceptance by the university. The program consists of four semesters, each with one graduate level class. Upon successful completion the student receives a graduate school certificate. Visit for program details.