2023 May SAFE Educational Seminar


Date: Time
31-May-2023 16:00 (4:00 pm) PDT
31-May-2023 19:00 (7:00 pm) EDT
31-May-2023 23:00 (00:00 ) GMT
01-June-2023 01:00 (01:00 am) SAST
01-June-2023 11:00 (11:00 am) NZST

This seminar qualifies for SAFE membership and CFDE recertification points.

Speaker – Sarah Meyran

Topic – Website Success Strategies for Forensic Examiners: Unveiling Common Mistakes and Effective Solutions


In this webinar presentation, we will explore the common pitfalls encountered by forensic examiners on their websites. Over the course of 60 minutes, we will identify the ten crucial mistakes that directly influence their sales and conversion rates. Additionally, we will equip participants with effective strategies and solutions to rectify these errors, paving the way for improved website performance and business outcomes.


Sarah Meyran is the founder of September, a distinguished branding and web design studio renowned for its unwavering commitment to enhancing sales and establishing authority for consultants and coaches through the power of high-end design. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Master’s Degree in Marketing New Technology, Sarah’s academic achievements solidify her expertise in the field. With an impressive track record spanning over a decade, she has excelled in both corporate and agency environments, collaborating successfully with clients from diverse industries, including forensic examiners. Sarah’s expertise has guided her clients to achieve remarkable results, notably improving website traffic and generating valuable leads.

Motivated by an unyielding passion for teaching and knowledge-sharing, Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey is driven by her deep dedication to empowering others. Her remarkable impact is felt through the organization of more than 30 workshops held across South-Asia, where she imparts invaluable insights on digital marketing and strategies, equipping professionals with the indispensable tools necessary for attaining unparalleled success.