2022 SAFE June Educational seminar

Date: Time
22-June-2022 16:00 (4:00 pm) PDT
22-June-2022 19:00 (7:00 pm) EDT
23-June-2022 23:00 (11:00 pm) GMT
23-June-2022 01:00 (01:00 am) SAST
23-June-2022 07:00 HKT
23-June-2022 11:00 NZST

This presentation accrues credits for CFDE continuing certification and for SAFE recertification points.

Speaker: Craig Coppock

Topic: ACE-V methodology


ACE-V is a common formal comparative methodology, similar to the scientific method. ACE-V is an acronym. The letters “ACE” are for Analysis, Comparison, and Evaluation. “V” is the hypothesis-testing or verification phase. The purpose of the ACE-V comparison methodology is to individualize or exclude impressions or objects as having originated from an identical source as being one-in-the-same.


Craig Coppock is a retired subject matter expert with specialization in forensic and biometric operations, applications, and instruction that includes direct support of US Rule of Law, Afghan Rule of Law, expeditionary forensics, and project management in support the warfighter, International Security Assistance Force, and DoD’s Identity Intelligence and counter-terrorism efforts.   General forensic experience includes 25 years of criminal investigation, evidence documentation, collection, evidence processing, forensic instruction, and photographic documentation of scenes, materials, and latent fingerprints. 

Mr. Coppock, as a latent print examiner, was certified with the International Association for Identification until retirement and has additional operational experience in face and iris identification.  18 years of U.S. major crimes investigative experience with 834 forensic training hours received, compliments an additional seven years’ experience in the wide spectrum of DoD forensic activities to include; Tactical Site Exploitation instruction, theater forensic exploitation of capture materials, expeditionary biometric laboratory management, biometric quality control, construction of forensic training materials, policy, and forensic comparison instruction in latent fingerprints and iris identification.    Mr. Coppock is a published author with three forensic books and over 20 articles on fingerprint identification and forensic photography.   Mr. Coppock also has seven years of university level forensic instruction as an adjunct professor supporting courses in forensic identification, forensic inquiry and forensic photography representing 574 instructional hours.

Currently Mr. Coppock provides forensic and biometric consulting and is the President of Impero Inc that runs retail hardware operations in his local town in Washington State.  In addition, Mr. Coppock is an elected governance board member for Arbor Health public hospital district in Lewis County.  Current research efforts on forensics, biometrics, health, and taxation can be reviewed on Academia.edu.