2016 SAFE conference testimonials

I wanted to let everyone know, thank you very much for putting together such a wonderful day of speakers at the 2016 SAFE International Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone who spoke, and found it very informative and educational.

I truly was enthralled with John Edwards presentation on high conflict personality. I very much look forward to his partner speaking at the next conference date in August. It was insightful and empowering to understand this behavior, and I hope we get a chance to hear how to handle it.

I also enjoyed the presentation on the MiScope, that is an amazing tool for our trade. I am sure that it is useful in many fields. I am relieved that Ann Mahoney summed up some of the security features on e-signing which was very informative. All in all, I think that every speaker was great, and I think I am still trying to absorb all that was discussed that day. Well worth the money, and the online experience was the most comfortable conference I have ever been in.

Thanks again to all at SAFE that made this day possible, and I look forward to August.

Nanette Barto

I think the online conference is very important for those of us who live outside of America.  The online conference allows for us to develop a network of like-minded individuals, especially those of us who are independent consultants and who often work in isolation.

As a non-American citizen, obviously we have to take from the expertise of the speakers, that which is relevant in our context.

Of the speakers at the 29 July conference, the presentation of John C. Edwards, was the most valuable for me.  Initially, I was skeptical that his presentation would be of any significance to those of us who are not on the American continent, but what he said definitely resonated with me as my academic background is psychology and certainly relevant irrespective of where one is in the world.  Dr Miller and Joe Barabe  also provided really useful information.

I do believe that instead of having Zarbeco at each conference (Dave has presented at two online conferences already), perhaps other companies could have an opportunity to present software and equipment which may be of use to document examiners, i.e. neuroscriptmovalizer and Cedar-Fox, maybe the new kid on the block NEGA and any others which we may not be aware of.  The other speaker went off the point for quite some time.  But in my experience, conferences usually provide presentations which resonate and those which don’t.  The online conference is no different.  So I would definitely support the online conferences offered at SAFE.  I learn something new every time!

BTW, I also recommend SAFE to my students.

Dr. Cecelia Rosa – South Africa

What a great day, great speakers, great content…Thanks for all that put it together.

Kathy Carlson

great speakers, great content…Thanks for all that put it together.

Marcy Word

I liked having a web conference both from a cost perspective and time saving convenience. Thanks for organizing.

Patricia Siegel